Kalpvraksha Painting Competition on World’s Environment Day

Water Please Save Me

Kalpvraksha celebrated the water conservation day on the occasion of worlds’ environment day in creative way at Sector-13-B, Isckon Temple road, Dwarka, Delhi. Gathering of 350+ school students within the age group of 3 to 15 years, participated in this grand event and conveyed their message of saving water for human being by showing their colourful creativity based on their thoughts on water preservation. They used so many colors to paint their thoughts on a small piece of paper, which shared different messages in an innovative way.

All the participants of this event were awarded with certificates for their encouraging creativity. Kalpvraksha will keep continuing these kinds of encouraging activities in future said by the organiser Shagufta Khan.

This kind of small step in wiping the thought of preserving the mother earth in the children from the childhood is a tremendous effort by the people to the people added by the other organisor Aman Suneja.

Glimpse from the event:

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